Podcast and Channel’s

Tai Tiger:

Tai writes a lot of stories, in first and third person, spanning between fan fictions and original stories, all his stories are connected in a ever so growing multiverse, here are his four story YouTube channels where you can find his amazing stories.

Tiger Tales

Tiger Tales: The Lost Stories

Tiger Tales: Game Over

Tiger Tales: The Mysterious Origins


Mark has a Podcast found on all podcast places, here he uploads his own original Power Ranger stories that take place in Universe 20, also he takes comic books and translates them into audio dramas so you don’t have to read them, plus he hosts a lot of his friends stories that he voice acts in and is a huge fan of.

Here it is:

Nerd Thow Comics


Willy started the whole story uploading thing, and he has separated them into different podcasts to help find his stories, Willy dips into fan fictions and original stories, he writes his own future continuities to some of his favorite fictions.

Here is the list of his Pod casts:

Storytime with Cosplaydude637

Power Rangers universe 19

Sailor Moon E

The Order

So Willy also has a few YouTube Channels where he has stories uploaded in audio form here they are:

Nostalgia Time

One Piece: The Audio Drama

Tales of The Cornwall Institute

If you give a dad a Cosplay

So the Three Bros have other Youtube Channel where they other stuff.

Here they are incase you are interested.

Cosplaydudes got a gaming channel:

Cosplaydude637 Lets Play Gaming Channel

Mark has a YouTube Channel too:

The red cornish ranger

Tai has a few more Channels then the other two bros, here are they are: