Zeo to Hero

The podcast that started it all, the brothers at Zeo to Hero are the reason the 3 Ranger Bros know each other, check them out all three bros have been guests on this podcast.

Baker Ranger

Ben The Baker Ranger is a good friend and has made logos for all of the Tiger Tales Channels, and alot of the logos for Willy’s projects, he is also a voice actor for some of the projects that are hosted under the 3 Ranger Bros projects. Check him out.

Neon Lights

A fellow member of the Zeo To Hero partnership and a supporter to the 3RangerBros studio.


Another huge supporter of both the 3 Ranger bros and Zeo to Hero with a warm heart. ( Willy based his Kamen Rider Drive Character off of Tony )

TN Ranger

Another supporter, though he might be going off living his life but we know he is a massive fan of the projects found under the 3 Ranger Bros Studios.

The Authers Crown

Acrown is not only a huge supporter of the ranger bros but he is massive helper and contributer, he helps Mark with translating Comic books into scrips, without him there would be no Tiger Tales Game Over, he is also a voice actor for the ranger bros. He hosts a YouTube channel where he uploads his own audio drama stories which he writes himself, alot of awesome crossovers can be found here.

In You Give A Dad A Podcast

Jared is a massive fan of the Ranger Bros, and is slowly increasing his voice acting portfolio as he lends his voice to the ranger bros, he has a Podcast called If You Give A Dad A Podcast, where he interviews all sorts of people, big time wrestlers, voice actors, he’s even had members of the Zeo to Hero community, including the 3 ranger bros.